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  • Greg Kach
    Managing Partner

    My father was a Chevrolet dealer in Duluth, Minnesota for 23 years. His business afforded me a great start in the industry.In 1968 I began in the Parts Department at age 13, then advanced to car detail and light maintenance on the preowned lot.  

    My sales career began in 1975 as a favor to a former high school Business Policy teacher.  Uncomfortable with the sales process, he asked if I would help him buy a new Caprice wagon. Most of my teachers and coaches had traded with my family's dealership but I had never personally handled a sales transaction from start to finish. I got the bug; throughout my final two years of college, I sold full-time, working afternoons and evenings.

    By 1981 I became the General Manager when my father semi retired and began residing in Florida for six months each year.  Two years late my father was diagnosed with cancer and we decided to sell the dealership. I stayed on as new car manager for the new dealer, Rathert Chevrolet, until July 1985.

    In August I sold my house and moved to North San Diego County. The first three months I struggled at a high turnover, fast track store. I was close to deciding the car business was not for me, but stayed to wholesale cars and learn the retail reputations of dealers countrywide.

    In early 1986 I returned to retail, selling Oldsmobiles and Audis for Hoehn Motors in Carlsbad, California.  Within six months I was promoted to sales manager; six months later, I was promoted to Hoehn Mercedes Porsche Sales Manager, a very coveted position. At 32, I was both the manager and the youngest member of the sales department?and scared to death. The position had always been held by a Hoehn family member.

    Hoehn's acquired an Acura franchise in 1989 and  I was asked to open it, hire new staff, and I become the general sales manager. I later moved to Hoehn's Mercedes store. While working for Hoehn, I met my wife Connie, an Oklahoma native.  It was Connie who introduced me to my present business partner, Jack Cooper. 

    Connie and I were married in June 1991.  In August, Connie and I, accompanied by my 15-year-old stepdaughter moved to Tulsa. On August 15, 1991,Jack Cooper and I closed on the purchase of a dealership in Tulsa and immediately began doing business as Jackie Cooper Imports of Tulsa, Ltd. We sold and serviced Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Nissan with a staff of 23 employees.  We've grown A LOT since then!

    My goal was to be a dealer by age 35.  I missed it by one day; I turned 36 on August 14, 1991 but was no less happy with the accomplishment! 

  • Steve Lujan
    Jackie Cooper Imports General Manager
    (918) 249-9393

    I have 30+ years experience in automotive sales. In 2000 I  joined the Jackie Cooper Family as General Sales Manager.  In late 2012 I assumed the role of General Manager.  However you can find me all over the dealership doing all kinds of work!

    In my spare time I enjoy golfing and traveling.  I also enjoy dining out and working out in the yard.  I love spending time with my family and my grandson!

  • Mark Lorentz
    Director of Parts & Service
    (918) 362-1244

    Continuing a successful career in customer service, Mark relocated in February 2005 to Tulsa to become Jackie Cooper Nissan Service Manager.  A Minnesota native, Mark now oversees all of Jackie Cooper Imports and Nissan service and parts operations.

    Mark is an avid fisherman.  Favorite expression:  Get 'er done!

  • Amy Dean
    Internet Director/brand Manager

    I have been with Jackie Cooper since 2003.  I started out my career in the banking business where I did auto loans for dealerships.  In 2001 I was offered a job at a dealership where I assisted clients with their financial needs.  Eventually I transferred over to the Internet as I saw it as a new and growing opportunity.  I am Certified with all our manufactures and take continued classes in the new and upcoming Internet technologies.  In 2008 we had the opportunity to add smart as one of our new franchises and I took over as the brand Manager.  It is a safe and fun vehicle and I am very excited to be apart of it.

    In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my three terrific kids.  I also enjoy painting and outdoor activities.  Being a Pisces if I am around water that is surely where you will find me!  I enjoy scuba, snorkeling and fishing!

  • Richard Wasson
    Mercedes Sales Manager

  • Greg Gleeson
    Infiniti/Volvo Sales Manager

  • Andy Truman
    Pre-Owned Sales Manager

  • Jonathan Tisdale
    Pre-Owned Sales Manager

    I have been with the Jackie Cooper Family since 1999.  I came here from the furniture rental business as a Sales Professional until being promoted Pre-Owned Sales Manager.  I am Certified in sales for all of our manufactures and do continued education to keep up with the latest technologies so I can pass them along to my clients.

    In my spare time I enjoy watching sports and collection sports memorabilia.  I also enjoy traveling and an occasional casino night.  What I love most is being able to clown around with my two children.

  • Ryan Knotts
    Maserati/Porsche Sales Manager

  • Denny Martin
    Mercedes/Porsche Service Manager

    I have been in the auto industry for 18 years and a with the Jackie Cooper family since 2007.  I am Mercedes and Porsche Certified and am currently working on the Brand Ambassador program with Porsche.

    I am married with two beautiful daughters.  In my spare time I love riding my Harley and spending time with my family.

  • Ron Griffin
    Parts Manager

  • Chuck Griffith
    Finance Manager

  • Jeremy Bautista
    Detail Manager

  • Christopher Duperre
    Internet Manager

    I have been with Jackie Cooper since 2008.  I started as an Infiniti Sales Professional and then took a position in Internet Sales.  I enjoy computers and technology as well as cars of all kinds!  I am a Certified Internet Sales Consultant and continue online courses to keep up to date with the latest technologies.

    In my spare time I enjoy working on my Corvettes and racing.  I also enjoy fine dining and movies.  I enjoy the outdoors and traveling.

  • Ed Hicks
    Mercedes Sales Professional

  • Joe Cleary
    Mercedes Sales Professional

  • Nizar Khaled
    Mercedes Sales Professional

  • Stan Lewis
    Mercedes Sales Professional

  • Bert Kendrick
    Porsche Sales Professional

  • Roy Witz
    Porsche Sales Professional

  • Jon Green
    Infiniti/Volvo Sales Professional

  • Tracey Orinovsky
    Infiniti/Volvo Sales Professional

    I have been with Jackie Cooper Infiniti since March 2003 with a total time in the business of 45 years.  I love major league baseball.  My favorite teams are the Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals and the Texas Rangers.

    In my spare time I enjoy eating out nightly and throwing darts with my girlfriend Shelley.  I also enjoy the casino action and catching the latest movie once a week.

    I have been awarded the Award Of Excellence with Infiniti for 11 years in a row. 

    I was in the US Airforce from 1965-1969.  People ask me "How I am doing" and I always reply " Always good, looking to get better!"  I thank God that I was born an American! I try to look for the good in every person I meet.  My word is always as good as gold!

  • Mark Hughes
    Pre-Owned Sales Professional and Floor Manager

    I have been with Jackie Cooper Imports since 2011 and in the Auto Industry for 15 years. I am Master Certified for Mercedes Sales and Certified in Sales for our other manufacturers.

    In my free time I enjoy spending time with my wife and goofing off with my 5 children.  We enjoy going to the lake.  My hobbies are reef aquariums, motorcycles and movie prop building and I love costumes.

    One interesting fact about me is that I was previously on a TV reality show so next time you are here be sure to ask me about it!

  • Mikey Molina
    Sales Professional and Floor Manager

    I have been with Jackie Cooper since 2010.  You can find me located in the Pre-Owned department however I am happy to assist my clients in New and Pre-Owned, whichever fits their needs best.  I am a Mercedes Certified Sales Professional and take continued education to keep this current.

    In my spare time I enjoy riding my Harley, golfing, boating, fishing, hiking, and skiing.  As you can see I enjoy the out doors but most of all I love hanging out with my children and grandchildren.

  • Erin Murray
    Pre-Owned Sales Professional

    I have been with Jackie Cooper since Feb. 2013 which is when I started in the automotive industry.  I am a Mercedes Benz Certified Sales Consultant and very happy to be part of the Jackie Cooper family!

    I have three children that keep me very busy!  Never a dull moment!  I enjoy the sounds of Motown Music and Jazz!  My family says I have an old soul from my choice in music!

  • Doc Sumrall
    Pre-Owned Sales Professional

    I have been with Jackie Cooper since 2006 and in the Auto Industry since 1981.  I was Quik Trip Manager by the age of 19 and then went on to Training Manager by the age of 20.   I have been named in the Chevrolet Legion of Leaders, and Salesman of the Month numerous times.  I am very energetic and enjoy helping people find the perfect car.  The most vehicles I have sold in one month was 57 and 150 in 90 days which was very thrilling.

    I enjoy golf, working in the garden, swimming, reading, camping, hiking, photography, traveling and watching football.  Something most people don't know about me is that I use to teach yoga and once blew out my knee skiing with teenagers. 

  • Ken Bellamy
    PreOwned Sales Professional

    I have been with the Jackie Cooper Family since 2013 and in the Auto Industry for 20 years total.  Over the years I have worked in different departments which has been truly educational and helps me give my clients a truly exceptional experience when purchasing their cars.  I am a trained Certified Sales Consultant with our manufactures and continue my education at every opportunity to stay well informed with the changing technologies.  In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren.

  • Josh Kelley
    Pre-Owned Sales Professional

  • Connie Harrill
    Mercedes Service Advisor

  • Bill McCune
    Mercedes Service Advisor

  • John Taylor
    Mercedes Service Advisor

  • Cameron Ball
    Service Advisor

  • Peter Robinson
    Service Advisor

  • Frank Ferlazzo
    Service Advisor

  • Cliff Jones
    Nissan Service Advisor

  • Gary Acosta
    Nissan Service Advisor

  • Ken Neal-Rosario
    Parts Professional

    I have been with Jackie Cooper since 2007 and in the Automobile Industry for 25 years.  I am a Master Certified Parts Professional since the early 1990's.  I enjoy restoring old cars and building movie replica cars.  I also sell used, rare parts.  I know it can be stressful when looking for parts and it is always my pleasure to help my clients find the parts they need and help relieve some of the stress.

  • Candace Easley