Key Takeaways:

- Maintaining your car well can increase its resale value.

- Invest in some upgrades to increase the value.

- Consider selling your car to a dealership that offers trade-in value.

- Pay attention to what the buyer may be looking for.


In the saturated car market of today, you will see a lot of advice on ways to reduce the cost of a car purchase. But what about when you're trying to do the opposite – maximize the value of your car? Whether you're planning to trade in your existing vehicle or sell it, you can do several things to increase its resale value.

Jackie Cooper Imports brings you all the information on vehicle value retention. First, let's see what your potential car buyers may be interested in.

What Is a Buyer Looking For in a New Vehicle?

Understanding a buyer's perspective when you decide to sell your car is essential. Let's see what an average car buyer looks for when purchasing a new vehicle.

1. A vehicle that is reliable and will last for many years.

One of the most important factors influencing a car buyer is its reliability. People want to purchase a car that will serve them for many years without major repairs or replacements.

2. A vehicle with good resale value.

You may have considered this characteristic yourself once when you were car-shopping. A buyer wants to know that the vehicle they are purchasing will hold its value and can be resold later without losing too much money.

3. A fuel-efficient vehicle.

With gas prices constantly increasing, it's no surprise that car buyers are looking for vehicles that won't break the bank when refueling. A fuel-efficient car is best for the environment and the wallet. So why won't they consider this quality?

4. A vehicle well-maintained by the previous owner.

This is where a vehicle history report comes in handy. A potential car buyer will want to see that the vehicle has been regularly serviced and that there have been no significant issues.

5. A vehicle with low mileage.

A lower mileage on the odometer means a higher resale value – it's as simple as that. But what is considered low mileage? For most people, anything under 100,000 miles is a good starting point.

6. A vehicle with a clean title.

A car with a clean title has never been in a significant accident, has never been flood-damaged, and has never been declared a total loss by an insurance company.

7. A vehicle with no mechanical issues.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. A car that runs well and has no significant issues will be worth more than a car constantly going for repairs.


Now turn your gaze toward your vehicle and ask: does it meet all the above criteria? If not, don't worry! There are some tips to increase your car's resale value.

Increase Your Vehicle Resale Value

1. Keep It in Good Shape

The first thing to do to increase your car's resale value is to keep it in good condition. This means regularly washing and waxing, vacuuming the interior, and shampooing the carpets and upholstery. It would be best if you periodically took it in for tune-ups and oil changes. If your car shows signs of wear and tear, don't wait to get it fixed - the sooner you take care of repairs and issues, the better.

2. Make Some Simple Upgrades

You can also increase your car's resale value by making simple upgrades. For example, you might want to invest in new floor mats and seat covers or add a GPS or other aftermarket accessory. These upgrades don't have to be expensive - even small changes can make a big difference in resale value.

3. Keep It Clean

It's essential to keep your car spotless, both inside and out. Washing and waxing the exterior regularly will help protect the paint and prevent rust while cleaning the interior will help keep it looking its best. If you smoke, it's imperative to be diligent about keeping the car clean - nicotine stains can devalue a car significantly.

4. Keeps the Mods Tuned Down

While some modifications can increase a car's resale value, others can do the opposite. So if you're thinking about making any changes to your vehicle, do your research first. You don't want to make any modifications that will end up decreasing the value of your car.

5. Get Regular Maintenance Checks

It's essential to get regular maintenance checks, both for your safety and to maintain the value of your car. Be sure to keep all receipts and accounts of any work on the vehicle - this will show the potential buyer that you've taken good care of the car and will help to upsurge its resale value.

6. Make Sure It's Insured

Another critical factor in maintaining your car's resale value is that it is adequately insured. If your vehicle is involved in an accident or stolen, the insurance payout will be based on the car's current value - not what you paid.

7. Have It Detailed Professionally

If you want to make your car look its best, consider having it detailed professionally. Remember, you intend to impress your potential buyers and make them fall in love with the vehicle at first glance. You might as well give it that extra shine to make sure they do.

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8. Let a Dealership Help

Selling privately and finding the perfect buyer is not a piece of cake. Take advantage of dealership services if you're not confident in your car-selling skills or don't have the time to go through the process. You may not get top dollar for your car, but you can rest assured that it will be sold quickly and hassle-free.

Ending Note:

So, whether you want to sell your car because you need the money or because it's time for a change, remember these tips to get the most value from your sale. By keeping your car in decent condition and pricing it competitively, you can ensure that potential buyers will be interested in your offer.


If you want to know what value your car holds, at Jackie Cooper Imports, serving Tulsa, OK, we will give you an instant trade-in value for your vehicle. We'll also give you a competitive price if you want to sell outright. Contact us now to learn more.

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